Patient Testimonials

The changes are unbelievable, in less than six months *

Genesys Medical Institute has given me the answers I have searched for, for over 20 years with hospitals, endocrinologists (four) and specialists. I am just under six months into treatment and the changes are unbelievable. It’s not expensive either.”
Sheri L.

I’m feeling so much better for the first time in 19 years *

I have loved working with Genesys Medical Institute. Jeff Pollock is absolutely the best hormone doctor I’ve had ever. Jeff is always available when I need him, he is so caring and genuine and spends the time with me that I need. I never feel rushed when visiting with him, and I can vent when needed.

I was at my last straw when I first came to him, and now I have been feeling so much better for the first time in 19 years.”
Angela M.

In just a few short weeks… my energy went up… *

I’ve been seeing Genesys Medical Institute for about a year now and I’m so happy I chose them for my road to get back to myself. Jeff Pollock is passionate about what he does and is smart! He always texts me back, answered my phone calls and gets me right in to see him in between appointments.

In just a few short weeks after I started to see him my energy went up, tests scores went up, I wasn’t agitated all the time and I had more patience with my family. Jeff has truly saved me! I would recommend him over and over again and I do.”
Jamie G.

I sleep better and have more energy *

Finally, I found a doctor who would listen to me and believe I actually was suffering from real issues! I was so tired of being told it was either in my head or that the test results showed everything was “normal”.

Jeff Pollock is amazing. He listens, he coaches and he digs in deep to reach the best solutions. He is pleasant to work with, has a great sense of humor and is easy to talk with. I feel so much better now. I sleep better and I have more energy. I appreciate that he is up-to-date on the latest technology and research and brings fresh ideas to our discussions.”
Lynne S.

My life has been transformed *

I would talk to anyone that would listen to me about the transformation I have personally seen with Jeff Pollock and Genesys Medical Institute. Many of my friends and family who have not felt well, want a little extra energy and less brain fog as they age have taken my advice and made an appointment with Jeff.

He treats your symptoms and is happy to dive in to any issues you may have. If you are not feeling your best and doctors do not give you the answers you deserve, you owe it to yourself to contact Genesys Medical Institute. They are changing lives every day and I want those I love to benefit from their treatments.”
Tami N.

In six weeks, I have lost four inches off my waist *

I have met with other doctors in the wellness space in NYC and Colorado, but none delivered the results and client experience that Genesys Medical Institute has. The staff are professional and kind. Jeff’s write-up explaining my symptoms and treatment was the clearest communication I have ever received from a doctor. It should be used for training in med schools.

In the six weeks since I started treatment, I have lost four inches off my waist and I sleep better than a baby. The pricing is quite reasonable, compared with other doctors’ rates. Glad to have discovered Genesys Medical Institute. Wish I had 10 years ago.”
Susie C.

I am feeling better every day *

I was referred to Genesys Medical Institute by my husband’s co-worker who heard about my constant fatigue. I immediately called to schedule an appointment, thinking I would have to wait for weeks to get in. To my surprise, I had an appointment that day. Jeff Pollock has been great! I am feeling better every day and my friends, family and colleagues are noticing too. I love that I can text Jeff directly with questions/concerns and he responds immediately. The office staff are really nice too.”
Jill T.

My health has improved, I am so grateful *

Jeff Pollock and his staff at Genesys Medical Institute are very professional and easy to get hold of. They are so helpful. They have improved my health and I am so grateful.”
Abby G.

Better health and fewer hot flashes *

I learned about Genesys Medical Institute on the web. From my first appointment almost a year ago my health has increased and hot flashes have decreased. Easy to make appointments.”
Janna S.

Best choice ever *

Both my husband and myself have changed to Genesys Medical Institute and feel better than ever. The staff are very professional, progressive and extremely knowledgeable. We live in Wyoming and are so pleased at how accessible and accommodating everyone is. Best choice ever.”
Mary R.

Professional, compassionate and knowledgeable *

I’m so impressed with not only the professionalism, but also their compassion. Jeff Pollockis so knowledgeable and informed. I appreciate that he really knows his stuff. The office staff are amazing and so kind and welcoming. All around a great experience.”
Jess S.

My health has been so much better *

Jeff Pollock and his staff are amazing and help through every phase. I’m so happy I made that first contact. My health has been so much better ever since.”
Stewart C.

I am excited about regaining my health *

Jeff Pollock and staff were kind and helpful. Since I drove down from out of state, they worked me in earlier and answered all my questions. I really look forward to their help in the future months to come and am excited about regaining my health once again with their help. Thank You.”
Verushka S.

I struggle with a chronic disease and since I’ve been working with Genesys Medical Institute, it has made a huge difference in my life.” *
Tamera C.

Genesys Medical Institute have helped me to feel like me again. I would recommend their office to everyone I know.” *
Staci H.

Been working with these guys for almost three years and they are wonderful.” *
Elisa H.

Don’t miss an opportunity to let Genesys Medical Institute help you change your life for good.” *
Staci G.

Jeff Pollock at Genesys Medical Institute is amazing. He definitely knows his stuff. Highly recommended.” *
Chase H.

Love it, it has been life changing! Genesys Medical Institute is so great.” *
Nicole N.

I was a little wary to try bioidentical hormones, but took the plunge. Love Jeff, he has great “bedside manner”, very knowledgeable and kind. I am finally started to feel better and excited for what’s to come.” *
Kimmie D.

Jeff and his staff at Genesys Medical Institute are kind, very professional, and easy to get in touch with. My health and life are both exceptional once again, thanks to Jeff and the detailed care he provides.” *
Yorke G.

Genesys Medical Institute saved me! I couldn’t move or work or function and they got my hormones back on track – and me back on track. I lost 50 lbs with their help. They are all kind and thoughtful and helpful. I would recommend them to everyone.” *
Allison G.

Genesys Medical Institute has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. I needed the hormone therapy to be able to deal with it. They are easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.” *
Karen L.

I am looking forward to working with Genesys Medical Institute. They seem genuinely interested in helping me feel not just better, but the best me I can be. Beautiful office, amazing staff, and an overall awesome experience.” *
Kristel L.

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