Weight Loss And Hormone Replacement Therapy

Do hormones really affect my ability to lose weight?

Yes, there is a link between weight loss resistance and low hormone levels. Low thyroid levels indicate that your metabolism has slowed to the point where you are unable to burn as many calories as you once did despite rigorous exercise.

As a rule of thumb, 20% of weight loss is due to exercise and 80% is a result of caloric intake. No amount of exercise can compensate for poor dietary habits. It is nearly impossible to lose fat with low thyroid levels.

What’s Insulin Resistance?

Here is a familiar scenario: Your best friend eats anything she wants and never exercises, yet she never seems to gain a pound. You, on the other hand, exercise daily and nearly starve yourself, yet you still gain weight. It’s quite possible you are “insulin resistant.”

Insulin resistance means that your body has become desensitized to insulin. It needs more and more insulin to control your blood sugar. High insulin levels signal your body to store more fat. Higher body weight leads to more insulin resistance and eventually a diagnosis of diabetes. It’s a viscous circle.

We screen all clients for insulin resistance and attack the weight problem from that angle, whereas, many diet centers just prescribe phentermine to curb your appetite. Phentermine is nothing more than an amphetamine (legalized “speed”).

It is an effective appetite suppressant, but in our opinion, it is not an effective long-term solution. It can cause irritability, sleep disturbances, and is addicting. And then… because the client has simply eaten less, due to a temporary drug-induced decrease in appetite, as soon as they stop using phentermine, the weight comes right back on.

Testosterone? Isn’t That for Men?

Most women do not know that they need a healthy level of testosterone. This is another hormone we check regularly. This often manifests as a decrease in energy and sex drive, but it is also another important factor in the battle with body fat.

While you may not see dramatic reductions in weight when testosterone levels are restored (through the likes of hormone therapy and testosterone replacement therapy), it does make you leaner. Your percentage body fat will go down and you look like you lost weight. Low testosterone levels are a function of age and can be easily supplemented with great results.

HCG: Weight Loss in Hyper-drive

In addition, we successfully use the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin* (HCG) in very low doses specifically for weight loss. This treatment has excellent results. It is one our most popular programs.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please schedule a Personalized Hormone Audit to see how we can help you.

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